I have a confession… when it comes to outdoor gear, I am a collector.  I collect backpacks, and daypacks like some others might collect designer purses.  Some might not consider this an issue, but here’s the problem; my partner requests I sell my other bags, to make more storage room, I fight it.  He does have a valid point, as 90% of the time I use one bag, the Osprey Tempest 20L Pack.

Osprey Tempest 20

Below, we’re sharing our Osprey Talon 20L Pack review based on our personal experience. We’re giving our honest thoughts so you can determine if this pack is the right fit for you. 




      • Weight: 2.24 lbs

      • Volume: 1220 cu. in. / 20L

      • Dimensions: 250 liters or 350 uses (GeoPress), 150 liters or 300 uses (UltraPress)

    Tempest Review: Ratings

        • Comfort & Fit – 9/10

        • Capacity- 8/10

        • Design – 7/10

        • Lifespan – 10/10

        • Cost – 8/10


      Comfort and Fit

      I have an old Ozark Trail daypack I bought over 20 years ago and it’s uncomfortable.  I made it work for several years, thinking that this is just how daypacks work.  When I finally made the upgrade to the Tempest, my back was happy. The Osprey Tempest 20 is designed with a women’s body in mind. It has a contoured harness and hip belt that are designed to provide a comfortable, secure fit. The hip belt also has a padded lumbar panel that will provide extra support when you’re carrying a heavy load. The shoulder straps also have adjustable sternum straps that will help keep your pack in place.  The mesh “airscape” back panel is awesome at keeping my back from getting sweaty! 

      Osprey Tempest 20



      The Tempest 20 also has a large capacity, which is great for carrying all your gear. With 20 liters of storage space, you can easily fit all your essentials for a day hike or an overnight trip. The backpack also features several pockets for organizing and storing your items.  There are days when this pack gets tight, but I am good with the capacity.  If you have more space, you’ll carry more stuff… much of which is unnecessary.

      Osprey Tempest 20 Quick Access


      When it comes to design, the Tempest 20 shines. It has a sleek and modern look that will turn heads wherever you go. It also features a mesh back panel, which adds ventilation and helps keep your back cool and dry. I love the two side mesh pocket for carrying water bottles; the pockets are deep so you’ll never worry about anything falling out.  I use one pocket to store my NEMO Chipper seat.  I also like having a small mesh panel in the main compartment.  I call this panel the “don’t touch pocket.” After I lock up my car, I put my wallet and and keys in the pocket and zip it up.  I am not worried about being that person who loses their car keys on a trail.

      Now the cons… I have three main issues with the design of this bag:

      1.  Hydration External Sleeve is too tight.  When the bladder is filled, it takes a lot of shaking and manipulating to get it back in it’s sleeve.  The good thing is once it’s settled, it doesn’t slosh around on your back.
      2. The left shoulder strap pocket. I think it is meant for a phone, but there’s no way my iPhone 13 is fitting in there.  I use it as a candy pocket, but would love to see this be more useful in the future.
      3. There’s no integrated rain cover.  One of my other packs has it, and it’s a nice feature.  I ended up buying the Osprey Rain Cover XS for this pack which has a great fit.


      The Osprey Tempest 20 is designed and built to last. My pack is five years old, but it looks new.  I use it for all of my day hikes and take it out on trail work parties, without worry of it getting beat up.  The tempest is made from durable materials and is backed by Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that your backpack will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.


      When it comes to cost, the Osprey Tempest 20 is surprisingly affordable. It is priced at $160, making it a more expensive choice for a daypack.  The materials and design, easily make up for the higher price.   Still I tend to be thrifty, so what sold me was Osprey’s pack repair program is too good.  Osprey will repair any damage or defect on their packs, free of charge.  $160 for the last pack you’ll ever have to buy, is a great deal!


      While I won’t get rid of any of my old packs, the Osprey Tempest 20L Pack will remain my go to pack for all day trips. If you’re looking for a reliable and stylish backpack for your outdoor adventures, then the Osprey Tempest 20 is an excellent choice. With its superior comfort, capacity, design, and lifespan, it will serve you well for many years to come.