If you’re one of the people who absolutely loves hitting the slopes and shredding the gnar, you’ll know that great gear can vastly improve your experience skiing or riding. In recent years, a number of awesome snowboarding and ski gadgets have hit the market to improve your skiing/riding experience. From boot dryers to phone apps, there are dozens of ways that these new technologies can make your skiing or riding safer and more fun. We created this guide to the best ski and snowboarding gadgets and technologies that will help you maximize your time out on the slopes!

Practical Snowboard & Ski Gadgets for People Who Love the Slopes

Ski & Snowboard Waxing Kit

Every skier or snowboarder knows that a waxed, tuned board/skis performs makes any experience in the snow a better one. However, at $30-40 a pop, it’s not cheap, especially for people who hit the slopes dozens of times a year.

A wax kit is a great way to help you save money and time on in-shop tuning and DIY it at home. It comes with all of the ski gadgets and tools you need for a waxed, sharp board or skis, as well as an instruction manual and some all-temperature wax to get you started. We love the Demon wax kit and use it for all our snowy adventures!

Air Boot Dryer

No one likes damp, stinky boots for a ski trip. An air boot dryer is one of the most useful ski gadgets, especially if they’re planning to hit the slopes several days in a row or throughout the course of a season. The more someone skis or boards, the more damp their boots end up – this DryGuy DX Boot Dryer ensures that they’re fully dry before the next use.

Tile Essentials

If you’ve ever lost your phone, keys, or credit cards in one of the approximately 394024 pockets in a ski jacket, you’ll understand why a Tile is on our list of essential snowboard & ski gadgets.

The Tile Essentials Bundle offers several different types of tiles (keychains, stickers, and credit card-style) that you can attach to your things. If you lose something, you can simply sound your tile from the phone app (or use the tiles to sounds your phone if you lose that).

Hydra Pack Stow Bottle

If you’ve ever stayed out on the slopes for several hours, you’ll know that staying hydrated is critical to staying safe and healthy. However, constantly buying water at resorts is expensive, and it can be a pain to lug around a giant water bottle everywhere.

Cue the HydraPack Stow Bottle – a collapsible water bottle that can fit in your ski jacket and provides you access to drinking water without having to carry a backpack. It’s one of the most practical ski gadgets we’ve come across and can help you stay hydrated without the hassle.

Heated Gloves, Mittens, and Socks

Every skier and snowboarder knows what it feels like to have frigid fingers and toes when you’re far away from the lodge. It’s not uncommon to be on the slopes in single-digit weather, which can be a painful experience without some kind of external heat source. Heated gloves, mittens, and socks have become an increasingly popular way to keep your beloved fingers and toes nice and warm, and are some of the ski and snowboarding gadgets that will provide you the most comfort while out on the slopes.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Like we said earlier, keeping extremities warm while out on the slopes is a real challenges for skiers and snowboarders, but not everyone wants to carry heated gloves or socks. A budget-friendly alternative is a pair of rechargeable hand warmers, which can be the perfect heat source for long days out in the snow. It’s one of the most simple get effective ski and snowboard gadgets out there for staying warm in the cold!


Take one look around a ski resort or lodge after a long powder day and you’ll see tons of stray gloves, goggles, and clothes that accidentally got left behind. To avoid this, we found a simple yet effective solution – Heroclip.

The Heroclip is a nifty little device that serves as a 2-in-1 carabiner and hook so you can hang your jackets, gloves, mittens, and more from any surface while you’re resting up at the lodge (or in a car, or hotel…you get the picture). It’s a great way to dry off your stuff and keep track of it!

PHOOZY Thermal Phone Case

If you’ve ever been out in the cold for an extended amount of time with your phone, you’ll know that the batteries tend to die much more quickly. A PHOOZY Thermal Phone Case can keep your phone warm when you’re not using it, maintaining the battery for longer and ensuring it doesn’t get soaked in the snow.

GoPro & Helmet Mounts

A GoPro is an excellent gadget for the avid skier/snowboarder who wants to document their adventures. Portable, weatherproof, and high-quality, a GoPro will help you capture and relive your favorite moments on the slopes again and again.

If you decide to get a GoPro for skiing/snowboarding, don’t forget a helmet mount so you can use it hands-free!

Helmet-Compatible Bluetooth Earbuds

For people who like to listen to music while skiing/riding, a pair of bluetooth headphones is an essential snowboarding and ski gadget for the slopes. Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Headphones are compatible with most ski helmets and provide excellent sound quality.

Best Ski and Snowboarding Gadgets for the Backcountry

Garmin inReach Mini

Rural ski resorts and backcountry areas often have zero cell reception. This means that those who ski/ride alone or in very off-the-beaten-path areas may be at increased risk in the event of an emergency. A GPS communicator like the Garmin inReach Mini provides satellite communication access in areas without cell coverage, meaning you can contact family or rescue crews if you have an emergency in the wilderness. It’s always important to be prepared, and the Garmin inReach Mini is a fantastic ski gadget to have on hand in the backcountry.

RECCO Helmet Reflector

If you’re big on off-piste or backcountry adventures, a RECCO Helmet Reflector is a must. This small helmet sticker acts as a transponder for search and rescue teams to find you in the event of an avalanche or other emergency. This ski gadget is essential for safety on the slopes, and we’d recommend it for anyone who plans to venture out from a ski resort’s most popular trails.

Black Diamond Avalanche Airbag Backpack

For avid backcountry skiers and snowboarders, it’s especially important to be prepared for the risks of an avalanche. One of the most helpful tools in the event of an avalanche is an airbag pack, which can help prevent you from getting buried in the snow in case of emergency. The Black Diamond JetForce Avalanche Airbag Pack is one of the lightest avalanche airbag packs on the market, and comes with plenty of additional space to hold extra equipment and gear.

Avalanche Beacon & Probe

If you go into the backcountry at all, having an avalanche beacon & probe is essential. You can read more about what these safety gadgets do and why they’re so important there. These devices are worn close to the body and can help others nearby find you in case of an avalanche, as well as helping you find others in the same scenario. The Tracker S Avalanche Beacon is a popular option for avid, adventurous backcountry skiers and riders. We’d also strongly recommend taking an avalanche training course if you plan to get out into the backcountry regularly.

Tech Gadgets to Make You A Better Skier or Snowboarder

Garmin Fenix Watch

Like many other athletes, skiers and snowboarders are often obsessed with tracking stats and logging their trails. The Garmin Fenix watch does exactly that – logging mileage, calorie burn, and more – and can be used for all outdoor activities, including winter sports.


Snowcookie is a revolutionary new ski gadget that tracks your performance, technique, and speed to help you improve your skiing and move more effortlessly down the slopes. Three probes attach to your two skis and your body to track movements as you move down each run. The app then provides performance feedback and areas of improvement to give you a personalized assessment of your skills.

For people who want to greatly improve their skiing abilities, Snowcookie is a great option!


Another ski performance technology that’s growing in the industry is Carv, which provides similar assessments and feedback as Snowcookie but uses boot insoles to do so (instead of the cookie-shaped probes). These two companies offer virtually the same thing, so we’d recommend reading through the two websites and deciding which one is best for you.

Fitterfirst Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer and Downhill Ski Trainer

Want to keep up your skiing technique outside of ski season? The Fitterfirst Pro Fitter is an at-home ski trainer device that will provide you the opportunity to practice ski motions and technique (as well as relevant workouts for those muscle groups) from the comfort of your own home. Avid skiers can use this during the off season to stay fit and keep skiing muscle memory alive in anticipation of snow season.

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus

Used by professional athletes and casual gym nuts alike, the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus is a massage gun that relieves muscle tension and strain effortlessly. For skiers and snowboarders, this ski gadget can help a lot with sore legs or to remove lactic acid buildup from long days on the slopes. Plus, it just feels incredible to wind down a long day in the snow with some muscle relief!

Theragun Mini

If you’re interested in a massage gun but want something a bit more travel-friendly, the Theragun Mini is another one of the most useful ski and snowboarding gadgets for relieving muscle tension and soreness. The Theragun Mini is much smaller than the Hypervolt Plus, meaning you can take it along with you on planes or in a weekender bag without taking up too much space!

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