Surfing in warm water means you can ditch the wetsuit and surf in a one-piece or bikini! But even in cooler conditions, you’ll need a durable, comfortable surfing bikini or swimsuit to wear under your wetsuit. It can be scary to choose a swimsuit (especially when shopping for surfing bikinis) because you don’t want to get one that will be easily knocked off your body in the waves! We’ve compiled our top recommendations – rigorously researched and tested – for the best swimsuits and bikinis for surfing.

At a glance, here are our picks:

What to Consider When Buying Swimsuits for Surfing

No-Fall Design

The main characteristic that differentiates a regular swimsuit from a surfing swimsuit is that surfing swimsuits MUST stay on when you wipe out or fall into the water. Because of this, we usually advise against anything with flimsy buckles or ties, especially on bikinis. Better choices for surfing include one-pieces with built-in bras and bikini tops that fit snugly without ties, almost like sports bras. These will be much less likely to move or fall off if you end up in the water.

woman wearing one of many black bikinis for surfing at the beach - swimsuits for surfing

Surf Conditions

Do you usually surf in easy, summer waves? Colder or warmer water? The surf conditions you usually surf in will dictate what kind of swimsuit is most appropriate. For example, surfers in Hawaii might find bikinis to be the best choice since the water is so warm, but surfers in Southern California may be better off with a one-piece or long-sleeve springsuit.

Materials & Durability

We care a lot about our planet (and hope you do too!), and we only recommend gear that we’ve found to be durable and made of eco-friendly materials. Why? Because more durable products will last longer and will be less likely to end up in landfills, and surfing swimsuits made of recycled materials are much more planet-friendly than those that aren’t. Plus, investing in durable gear will also save you money and time in the long run!

Comfort & Fit

The most important thing for individuals to consider when buying a surfing bikini or one-piece is the comfort and fit of the suit. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can solve for you! You’ll need to read reviews, take your measurements, and try on the suits for yourself to determine which one(s) fit your body the best.

Best Women’s Swimsuits & Bikinis for Surfing

Best Bikinis for Surfing

  • Products: One-pieces, bikinis, and rash guards
  • Price: $$

PrAna is one of our favorite brands for all things outdoors, and their swimwear is no exception. Made with ethical and sustainable fabrics in Fair Trade Certified™ factories, PrAna’s swimwear is as sustainable as it is stylish. Designed for the most active folks, PrAna makes some of the absolute best swimsuits and bikinis for surfing.

Because their swimwear is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities like surfing, swimming, paddling, and more, we recommend it in a lot of our guides. We’ve been surfing in their swimwear for several months now and can attest that their swimwear is also durable, comfortable, and can perform during intense water sports.

Some of our favorite women’s bikinis for surfing from PrAna include:

Best One-Piece Swimsuits for Surfing

  • Products: One-pieces, bikinis, and rash guards
  • Price: $$

Summersalt has become an increasingly popular women’s swim brand in the last few years, and for good reason – they make some of the best and most durable swimwear for women at a reasonable price. This female-founded company boasts, “designer swimwear without the designer price tag,” and their variety of high-end products lives up to that claim.

We love Summersalt’s swimsuits for surfing because they’re super durable and fit comfortably, making movements easy. These suits rely less on ties or buckles, so there’s a lower risk of them falling off in big waves or rough wipeouts. On their website, they have a variety of one-pieces and bikinis for surfing, so you can basically take your pick among their many bright patterns and elegant styles. The Surf One-Piece, the Wanderlust Top, and the Mid Rise Bikini Bottom are some of our favorites for surfing.

Best One-Stop Shop for Women’s Surf Clothes

  • Products: One-pieces, bikinis, and rash guards
  • Price: $$$

Sisstrevolution is one of the most well-known women’s surf brands and they make some of the best swimsuits for surfing. In addition to swimsuits, they offer full wetsuits in various thicknesses, springsuits, rashguards, post-surf activewear, and more. Made by Vissla, one of the most beloved surf gear brands, their gear is high-quality and built specifically for women. Plus, it comes in beautiful, bright colors and patterns, perfect for standing out in the sea of black wetsuits you’ll often find in the lineup.

One of our favorite things about Sisstrevolution is that their gear is made specifically for surfing, so you won’t have to worry about their swimsuits untying and falling off or breaking in rougher conditions. Their swimsuits are super cute and well-built, but their wetsuits and springsuits are where this brand really shines. We’ve tested their Pescadora Long-Sleeve Cheeky Wetsuit and their 7 Seas Long-Sleeve Spring Wetsuit and loved both for warmer-weather surfing.


  • Products: One-pieces, bikinis, rash guards, springsuits, wetsuits, and surf booties
  • Price: $$

If you’ve been around the block on Urban Outdoors, you’ll know that we LOVE Patagonia gear for basically any activity or season – surfing included. We love Patagonia’s sustainable swimwear for all of our water adventures – it’s planet-friendly and adventure-ready, perfect for anyone who loves to kayak, canoe, SUP, or surf. Patagonia has fantastic surf bikinis and swimsuits that are backed by Patagonia’s Ironclad Guarantee. We especially like the Women’s Extended Break Reversible One-Piece and the Women’s Nanogrip Top & Bottom for surfing.

In addition to bikinis, one-piece suits, springsuits, and boardshorts, they’ve also got a variety of wetsuits and surf booties that are also sustainable and durable for surfing in any climate.

Seea Swimwear

  • Products: One-pieces, bikinis, rash guards, spring suits, and swim leggings
  • Price: $$

Seea Swimwear is a popular women’s surfing brand that makes both bikinis and one-piece surf suits that are ethically and sustainably made. Using recycled fabrics such as REPREVE and ECONYL, as well as natural fabrics like YULEX, Seea’s product lineup offers a huge variety of ethical styles made for lady surfers everywhere. We love that they’re dedicated to getting more women and POC out on the waves, especially because surfing has traditionally been a male-dominated activity, and have heard some great first-hand reviews of their gear.

Seea not only makes one-piece surf swimsuits and surf bikinis, but also has a handful of springsuits and rashguards too. It’s ALL surf friendly! With bold prints and fun colors, these suits definitely make a statement out in the water. If you’re looking for high-quality and eco-friendly bikinis for surfing, this is a great brand to check out.

Vivida Lifestyle

  • Products: One-pieces, bikinis, rash guards, springsuits, wetsuits, and ponchos
  • Price: $$

As a surf-focused brand, Vivida Lifestyle makes some of the best sustainable swimsuits for women who like to hit the waves. They’ve got quality surfing bikinis and swimsuits made for surfers, by surfers. Vivida is transparent about their sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain, which we as consumers find very helpful.

In addition to bikinis and one-pieces, Vivida makes wetsuits, rashguards, and beach ponchos, all essential surf items for you climate-conscious waveriders. ALL of their products are eco-friendly and perfect for your surf gear arsenal. We especially love the Water Warrior One-Piece (springsuit) and the You Do You Bikini Top and Bottoms.


  • Products: One-pieces, bikinis, and rash guards
  • Price: $$

Wolven is a newer brand to the swimwear market, but has made a name for itself in the sustainability market with its 100% OEKO-Tex Certified Recycled P.E.T. fabrics. This female-founded, climate-conscious company quickly made an impression on us after we began looking into it. Through its sustainability initiatives, Wolven promises eco-friendly materials, plastic-free packaging, and recyclable/compostable mailers. You can trust that your purchase has been fulfilled with the planet in mind.

With options for women and men, Wolven makes some of the best sustainable swimsuits on the market. Where Wolven really shines, though, is in their women’s swimsuits and activewear. They’ve got a variety of styles (one- and two-pieces for women) and offer several bright, colorful patterns so you’ll stand out at the pool and on the beach.


  • Products: One-pieces, bikinis, and rash guards
  • Price: $$$

Made from recycled plastic waste, Reformation has a large collection of (absolutely beautiful) swimsuits for women. As one of the most well-known sustainable swimwear companies, Reformation is committed to sustainability across their entire supply chain, and has owned a 100% Climate Neutral seal of approval for its meticulous efforts to keep its company and products eco-friendly.

Reformation makes excellent one-pieces and bikinis for surfing, with a lot of super cute styles you can sport on and off the waves. Don’t be fooled – Reformation’s suits are as durable as they are pretty, and they’re built for active ladies. Their Framboise top and Kona High Rise bottoms are some of our favorite bikinis for surfing.


  • Products: One-pieces and bikinis
  • Price: $$

Girlfriend is a sustainable, inclusive activewear brand that has some of the best sustainable swimwear for women of all sizes. Using OEKO certified recycled fabrics made from plastic, these swimsuits are high-quality and high-impact. We love these as surfing swimsuits because of their straightforward designs and reasonable prices.

For ladies who like solid colored suits that won’t fall off in the water, this is a fantastic brand to check out! They’ve got loads of designs that work great for surfers. With sizing of XXS to 6XL, as well as one- and two-piece designs, Girlfriend offers swimsuit options for virtually any body type. We especially love their Clemente One Piece for surfing.

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