The winters of Manitoba aren’t easy, but that just means that when the snow melts and warm weather comes around, Winnipeggers take full advantage of it by spending time in nature. Enjoying a warm spring or summer weekend camping in Winnipeg is what every local longs for during those cold months. Luckily, there are dozens of great campsites across Manitoba for you to pick from. Whether you want a more secluded experience or one full of adventure, this list of the best Winnipeg campsites has the perfect place for you. 

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5 Places to Go Camping in Winnipeg

1. Birds Hill Provincial Park

Distance from Winnipeg: 19 miles (32 minutes by car)

Types of Campsites: Tent

Open Dates: Year-round

Reservation and Cost: Bookings are recommended, starting at $17.85/night

Since Birds Hill Provincial Park is so close to the city center, it’s one of the most popular provincial parks for camping in Winnipeg. It’s situated about 20 minutes north of downtown and has 500 campsites for you to pick from. One of our favorite parts about Birds Hill is soaking in the views of beautiful hills and ridges formed by ancient glaciers. The 35 square kilometer park features a lake, oak and aspen forests, native prairie wildflowers, and a bunch of wildlife to share your temporary home with.

If you decide to camp at Birds Hill, you’ll get access to a bunch of amenities including swimming, hiking trails, picnic sites, a restaurant, a riding stable, and a convenience store. This campsite offers a variety of services, from un-serviced camps to electrically serviced and fully serviced tents for a bit more pampering. Birds Hill Provincial Park is open all year-round, but we recommend making a booking because the place tends to fill up quickly!

2. Winnipeg West KOA Campground

Distance from Winnipeg: 19.6 miles (35 minutes by car)

Types of Campsites: Tent and RV

Open Dates: April 21 to October 10

Reservation and Cost: First come, first serve; reservations recommended; starting at $5/night

If you’re someone who likes to camp in their RV, then the Winnipeg West KOA Campground is perfect for you. It’s a camping and picnic spot that locals refer to as an experience of convenience. You’ll have easy access to everything Winnipeg has to offer within a 45-minute drive, along with a convenience store, coffee shop, showers, and a laundromat available inside the vicinity. You can relax knowing that everything you need is within a short walk or drive away. 

For an authentic camping experience, buy some food and cook a meal over one of the many barbecues available, or head to the water for some fishing and canoeing. If you’re bringing your own tent, you can opt for the un-serviced tent site, or hop in your RV and stay at one of the serviced pull-through RV sites. However you decide to camp, the Winnipeg West KOA Campground is the perfect place to relax and take it easy along the banks of the Assiniboine River. 

3. St. Malo Provincial Park

Distance from Winnipeg: 45 miles (55 minutes by car)

Types of Campsites: RV and Trailer

Open Dates: May 13 to September 11

Reservation and Cost: First come, first serve; starting at $15.75/night

Only about 45 miles south of Winnipeg is St. Malo, one of the undiscovered gems of southern Manitoba. This park isn’t nearly as popular as Birds Hill Park, so it’s perfect for campers who want some seclusion and to disconnect from the world for a bit. Centered around a reservoir, the best spot to camp here is the lake and sandy beach. There are several un-serviced and electricity serviced spots for you to choose from, and you’ll be equipped with bathrooms and showers wherever you decide to set up camp. 

For those wanting to sit down and relax, the park has a beautiful picnic site with shaded tables and cooking shelters for you to enjoy a meal. Water lovers will enjoy the two beaches here, perfect for a cool swim or sunbathing on a summer’s day. If you’re camping with an adventurous bunch, feel free to explore the Rat River dam or wander along one of the many hiking trails in a pretty aspen forest.

4. Town & Country Campground

Distance from Winnipeg: 10 miles (20 minutes by car)

Types of Campsites: Tent, Trailer, and RV

Open Dates: April 15 to November 1 

Reservation and Cost: Bookings required, starting at $45/night

If you’re looking for a place to go camping in Winnipeg but don’t want to drive too far, look no further than the Town & Country Campground. This site is situated only a few minutes east of the city and has over 300 campsites for you to explore. Here, you’ll find a playground for your kids, a game room, laundromat, dump station, fire pits, and showers to give you a well-rounded camping experience. Locals suggest taking a walk down to the Fun Mountain Water Slide Park or the Tinkertown Amusement Park for a bit of excitement and adrenaline. There’s also plenty of shopping centers and restaurants within a short drive for those who want something more laid back. 

Depending on how you like to camp, you can bring your RV, book a trailer, or set up a tent yourself. There are 264 full-service sites with power, water, and sewer services, while the rest are non-serviced tenting sites for those who like to be on their own. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to make a booking before you go!

5. Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park

Distance from Winnipeg: 48 miles (1 hour by car)

Types of Campsites: Tent and RV

Open Dates: May 20 to October 10

Reservation and Cost: Bookings required, starting at $25.20/night

This small resort town located on the scenic shores of Lake Winnipeg became a popular tourist destination in the 1900’s, thanks to easy train access to this area. Now, it has become a terrific campsite for families and friends who want to make incredible memories together! Even though Winnipeg Beach is smaller, it still has over 100 fully serviced campsites that are perfect for RV camping. You can choose whether you want to camp at a back-in with trees providing shade or out in the open sun.

An awesome perk is that you don’t need to worry about privacy here because all sites are super spacious with shrubs and trees that separate you from your neighbors. Two popular areas in the park are the playground for kids and an open-use area adjacent to the campground. If you happen to visit in the summer, then the sandy shores of Lake Winnipeg are ideal for water activities and cooling down. 

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